Dating Tips from the Animal Kingdom

Very interesting indeed

The Raptor Lab

Got a hot date?

If it’s with a human, you’ll probably have to rely on the classic wooing strategies: flowers, chocolates, dinner and dancing, smelling good, etc.

But in the animal kingdom, courtship often has a different flavor. I combed back through the archives of New Scientist’s Zoologger, a weekly column about extraordinary animals, and turned up some unusual techniques that other creatures use to seduce their chosen mate.

Bugs stab their sweethearts in the stomach.

Male bed bugs and bat bugs use sharp penises to stab their partners in the abdomen and deliver sperm directly into the blood. Bean weevils, who have huge and spiny penises, also lacerate their mates during sex.

Koalas use a sexy voice.

Koalas bellow to attractive females in an unusually deep voice. Their mating song, which sounds “more like a series of burps and snores,” is 20 times lower than scientists would expect the little…

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Moving on .. a reality or myth.

When life throws you on the path that probably you never thought you would have trod I guess the path that you would want to take is forget once the storm has passed and move on. But is moving on really possible. Do we let our minds cloud out the unpleasant parts of life and try to fill up this dark areas with the new paths that we endeavor to create. As for me I guess the experience in life has not taught me to move on because every time you pack up and start moving you never get going on and therefore I have resolved to stay there and face the bad times squarely, figure out why whatever is happening is happening to me and finally try to relive the moment to just find out what I could have done differently(sometimes though there may never be time to relieve the moment)

In this day and age where relationships appear as a mirage of something that could have amounted to something great , where political affiliations amount to die hard allegiance (literally) that one can opt to kill for the sake of someone else, where we throw away dark pasts in the name of moving on The question is really are we just storing up negative energy in the name of moving on and one day KABOOM!..Everything goes up in smoke.


I guess my thought for today is when we say we are moving on it should mean we have come to the realization and acceptance that whatever happened happened to make us better ,stronger ,more resilient and at the end of it all the other party knows they pinched us at the wrong place and they pinched us real hard till we decided to pack up and move on……